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The Human Intelligence Identification Script is designed to prevent web forms being submitted by automated robot scripts. Automated robot scripts are used maliciously to send Form Spam and Hijack Web Forms. The Human Intelligence Identification Script only allows form processing if a correct answer to a set question is provided when the form is submitted. The question can be in any format or structure. A script robot cannot interpret the meaning of a text question nor does it have the capacity to provide a correct answer. In fact it does not even know an answer is required. This applies for even the simplest of questions. The Human Intelligence Identification Script is designed to run with any Form1 based form processing code including Form1 Builder Software, Form1 Builder GoldMine and Form1 Builder MYSQL. It may also run with other php based form processing scripts. The Human Intelligence Identification Script looks for the Human Intelligence Identification Answer provided in a form submission. If the Answer is not correct the form will not be processed. This effectively prevents forms submitted by automated robot (bot) scripts from being processed. It blocks automated form span and can also decrease the risk of form hijacking. Human Intelligence Identification is easy to implement, easy to use, and an effective alternative to Captcha. That the question can be freely set by the form developier is one of the key strengths of Human Intelligence Identification Script. Hii Script is a php script that requires your server to support the php scripting language. Most commercial web servers support php.

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